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$250.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : CPS-DADMM-406 Delivery 04 Days

DirectAdmin is a powerful, yet easy to use, web host control panel that lets you manage your website with a few mouse clicks. It gives you full control over every aspect of your domain. The next generation of web hosting control panels is here with DirectAdmin. This groundbreaking web-based management software delivers everything you need to easily and effectively manage your web hosting. With a highly customisable interface, DirectAdmin gives you the power to design and build your perfect website. From your own domain name, to e-commerce checkout pages, contact forms, and more — everything is at your fingertips. Best of all it's totally FREE to download and use!

 ✅ Domain Setup upto 3 Domain
 ✅ Configure Multiple php version
 ✅ Improvements Security System
 ✅ Install Free SSL Addon
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation
 ✅ SPF Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ DKIM Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ DMARC Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ rDNS Setup.
 ✅ Spam Filter setup of Requirements!.

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Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Developers

As a private, cloud and web hosting services provider, DirectAdmin has localized networks to offer the best Web hosting services at lowest prices. The software is used by millions of users across the world to host their websites, blogs and social networking profiles. The first thing to know about DirectAdmin is that this control panel is unique in that it's among the few web hosting control panels on the market that have a built-in graphical user interface (GUI) to manage your websites. This means that there's no need for additional software or third-party applications like FTP clients or other common, browser-based tools to manage your websites. DirectAdmin's GUI includes a variety of features, including built-in password management and several optional modules as well as cross-platform support.

Directadmin Hosting Securely Manage Your Web Hosting Environment from One Centralized Control Panel

DirectAdmin is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel allowing administration of websites through a web browser. The software is configurable to enable standalone, reseller, and shared web hosting from a single instance. It offers many features such as role-based access control and intrusion detection. Via the features and tools available in DirectAdmin, you can perform most routine tasks necessary for running your website. These can include managing databases without requiring your staff to know SQL or security information about your site. With a web-based management interface, DirectAdmin allows you to deploy websites and hosts them on one or more web servers. Your control panel has all the features that you require to manage multiple sites including FTP, DNS and email accounts support. The administration is flexible enough to be installed on a single box or run as a separate server while offering an easy to use interface.

The Best Control Panels for Your Directadmin Hosting Needs

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and powerful web hosting solution then directadmin is the 1st choice for you. With directadmin you can create a new website, edit website and manage your content administration easily. DirectAdmin is totally based on PHP MySQL platform which makes it really suitable for creating any kind of websites like personal, corporate or commercial site. DirectAdmin is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel allowing administration of websites through a web browser. The software is configurable to enable standalone, reseller, and shared web hosting from a single instance. DBAs can use the latest rich text editor to edit or remove databases, or perform routine tasks such as viewing and restoring data via scripts. Business owners who want to manage their own websites within a web-based interface can now use DirectAdmin. There are various other features and options within the package including one click installation, multiple domain support, automatic backups, quickmailer, caching and more.

Future Of The Web Is Now With DirectAdmin

The world's leading and most popular graphical web hosting control panel that integrates with website builder sites like wordpress and visual studio. Comes with features such as built-in cPanel, unlimited domains, domains dedicated IP address, sub domains and much more! It is easy to use while still preserving all of its powerful features. Some of these features include: DirectAdmin is the world's most popular web hosting control panel. Used by 5000+ of the world's largest hosting providers, DirectAdmin is now available for anyone to use and modify. If you have never used a control panel before, don't have time to learn it or simply want things to be simpler - take a look at DirectAdmin! It makes adding websites, their individual features and configurations easy to use and understand. The hosted version comes with a number of additional features such as integrated security, SSL-certificates, automatic backups and more.