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ISPConfig Installation Service

$200.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : CPS-ISPCM-408 Delivery 04 Days

The ISPConfig project was started in 2005 by Till Brehm from the German company projektfarm GmbH (now ISPConfig GmbH). From the beginning it intended to address the needs of Linux hosting customers and show them how they can manage their servers with a totally new freedom, efficiency and best usability. The goal of ISPConfig is to fix all problems connected with administration of Linux-based hosting services in order to allow users to easily configure their own systems. It is the most popular Linux hosting control panel available today. It is a great tool for users who want to own their website and everything related to it. The program is an open source project developed under BSD License and it comes with the ready-to-use web interface.

 ✅ Domain Setup upto 3 Domain
 ✅ Configure Multiple php version
 ✅ Improvements Security System
 ✅ Install Free SSL Addon
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation
 ✅ SPF Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ DKIM Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ DMARC Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ rDNS Setup.
 ✅ Spam Filter setup of Requirements!.

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Ispconfig Support

Best Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels

The famous Free Software Hosting Control Panel Open Source software and development project created by Till Brehm as ISPConfig UG, is a widely used hosting control panel for Linux, licensed under the BSD license, developed by the company ISPConfig UG and can be used in various environments. ISPConfig is the most widely used open source control panel for Linux, licensed under the BSD license and developed by the company ISPConfig UG. The project was started in 2005 by Till Brehm from the German company projektfarm GmbH (now ISPConfig GmbH). It was first published as GPL-licensed source code on, but never made public due to legal issues with Sourceforge; however, it was later changed to a version that allowed commercial distribution ("freeware"), but not commercial use (since paid hosting requires commercial use). As of January 2007, the latest release of ISPConfig is 2.6.3. A handful of companies started using it as a basis for their own private projects (open-source or closed — they were mainly all closed-source), resulting in more than 70 releases between 2006 and 2008.

Switch to Self-Managed Linux Web Hosting

ISPConfig is the most popular Web Hosting Control Panel for Linux, providing an intuitive and powerful interface for service providers and home users. ISPConfig lets you control over 300 network settings such as workstation and server setup, DNS, router configuration and even mobile access via Hotspot Shield. The software has been in active development since 2005 and is still the best management tool for Linux home servers. The project has continued with a steady pace of development, implementing new features, improving existing ones and adding new ones. Over time, the list of features grew to include a suite of tools useful for all kinds of websites: DNS server administration, Apache performance monitoring and bandwidth accounting, website security scanning – just to name a few. Switching to self-managed web hosting is a smart move if you're looking to cut costs while keeping things under control. Your site should be as secure as possible, and you'll be able to access your account 24/7. This means more uptime, more reliability and better performance – all of which could save you money in the long run.

Open Source Hosting Control Panels To Manage Your Hosting Environment

ISPConfig is a widely used open source hosting control panel for Linux, licensed under the BSD license and developed by the company ISPConfig UG. The project was started in 2005 by Till Brehm from the German company projektfarm GmbH (now ISPConfig GmbH). It has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times, making it one of the most popular open source web hosting control panels available today. If you're not already using self-managed Linux web hosting and control panel, then go ahead and switch to ISPConfig today! A web hosting control panel for Linux, which offers full management and monitoring tools for your website. The company ISPConfig GmbH develops, maintains and supports this web hosting control panel for Linux. Web hosting is a highly profitable business. It is an ideal place for software developers and graphic designers who need a lot of disk space, large bandwidth and the most modern server to host their websites. A small-scale web host (a few sites) can be managed by the owner himself, but for bigger projects he needs full control over his resources. If you are looking for a complete solution then self-managed web hosting might be what you need. ISPConfig UG is a German company that implements self-hosting tools for Linux under the GNU GPL license. This article describes how to switch to self-hosted Linux hosting with ISPConfig UG details about required prerequisites and additional services provided by ISPConfig UG.

ISPConfig The World's Finest Hosting Control Panel For Linux

If you chose Linux hosting, it's time to think about ISPConfig. While popular commercial Linux web hosting providers often provide an awful lot of features at a very high price, we're talking about a self-managed web hosting solution controlled by you and your team: no more expensive and time-consuming support calls — we do that for you! A reliable web hosting service is a must have for any aspiring entrepreneur. However, at the same time, you need to find one that isn't going to take up too much time and hassle as well. With ISPConfig hosting control panel you'll be able to get what you want in both categories. The program has been around for almost a decade now, and during that period it's gained a lot of popularity among business owners and website administrators alike.