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MailWizz Bulk Email Marketing Application Installation Service

$300.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : BEMS-MBEMIS-104 Delivery 05 Days

The best feature of Mailwizz is that it allows you to use any of the supported services together, in case you want to send your emails with Amazon SES and track them with Google Analytics for example. MailWizz has some nice features which make managing email lists a breeze: scheduled emails, out of office messages, edit recipients directly from campaign editor. There are also a lot of premium paid features such as SMS notifications for new subscribers, multiple admins, etc. But they are not required to start testing and using the software.

 ✅ License, Server, IP and Domain Provide By Client
 ✅ Domain and IP Rotation Setup upto 8
 ✅ PowerMTA or Postal SMTP
 ✅ Setup Multi Domain Control Panel
 ✅ Webmail for Email Reply & Forwarding
 ✅ Bounce Handling / Abuse Complaints (PMTA)
 ✅ Configure Cron Job, Bounce/Delivery/Feedback Loop Servers
 ✅ 1.1 M Spam/Blacklist Database (PMTA)
 ✅ 5000 MX Rollup Which is help Inbox Delivery (PMTA)
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation (Paid SSL | Free SSL )
 ✅ Setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC & rDNS with Existing Configuration
 ✅ Firewall and Fail2ban Configuration (ssh)
 ✅ Unlimited from Email Address
 ✅ Report 10/10 score on (IP & Domain No Blacklist )
 ✅ Real Time Training about (Only Platform Management) Optinal

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MailWizz The Most Affordable Web Based Email Marketing Software

Today email marketing has become an important part of digital marketing. Email marketing platform has become essential to even small and mid-size businesses. While there are several platforms available for email marketing, a lot of them are costly and often difficult to use for a small business. To deal with these challenges, we at HostsCheap have made an easy and affordable solution to launch your email marketing campaign with the help of MailWizz. MailWizz is the best email marketing software available on the market. It is beautiful, easy-to-use, flexible and affordable.

New and Innovative Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

In an era where technology has evolved tremendously, we have seen the emergence of an email marketing software that makes life easier and business profitable. It is a software that is not only faster and better but also inexpensive. The software that we are talking about is Mailwizz! Have you been finding ways to succeed in marketing? Do you want to keep your customers happy? Then, you need to opt for this software as it will help serve all your requirements. You can use this software for delivery of personalized emails, creation of newsletters, conducting surveys and much more. HostCheap.Com offers the best hosting deals for website owners. guarantees to give you a superior service with premium quality and competitive prices on hosting solutions for entrepreneurs, small, medium and large business owners too, Black Friday Deals are running now.

Mailwizz Newsletters And Blogs - Send Newsletters, Blogs, HTML Emails On Aut

The MailWizz email marketing platform is a unique self-hosted software that helps people design, send and track their emails. It is an ideal email marketing platform because it allows users to save a lot of money and time they would otherwise spend on expensive third party solutions. Their interface is really easy to use which allows you to edit your bulk email list, template design, email content along with creating powerful forms in just a few minutes. You can make use of pure HTML or using Drag and drop editor for designing the content of an email. Your business can also send automated emails without taking so much time for drafting the content. Moreover, all the data will be accessible by means of one dashboard where you can also set scheduling tasks for future messages even if you are not available. Hatelscheap provides premium quality service such as Mailwizz Installation | Mailwizz SMTP | Mailwizz PowerMTA . Hostscheap is a cheap vps hosting provider. The offshore hosting services they provide are unbeatable in the world of web hosting. They are designed to make your life easier when you are hiring offshore web solutions. The staff is always ready to give you an advice or a consultation on anything related to the offshore web hosting business that will surely satisfy your requirement.

Modern Marketing Techniques for Mailwizz Users

Mailwizz is a unique self-hosted email marketing software. It has a lot of features and it is still affordable. You can send your emails using Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun and much more to SMPT compatible servers via SMTP protocol. There are no limits to send Email Marketing with Mailwizz and it's easy to use drag and drop tools will take you though the step by step process right from sign up till sending your first email marketing campaign in matter of minutes. The ability to mix images, videos, and text makes Mailwizz the most powerful email marketing software that can help you take your business to the next level. If you are a serious business owner, interested in building an online presence, starting with email marketing is a sure fire way to begin expanding your brand. Don't you just hate it when you hear so much about the host you're thinking of going to, but never actually talk with one of their representatives who can answer all your questions? Good thing we are here. Mailwizz is a unique self-hosted email marketing software. It has a lot of features and it is still affordable. You can send your emails using Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hostscheap Premium support Solution

What do i need to begin own Interspire or Acelle Email Marketing Server Installation?
  • 1. VPS Server/Dedicated Server.
    2. Minimum 1 Domain (Multiple Domain optional if you need).
    3. Minimum 1 IPv4.
    4. Minimum of 2GB of RAM is required
    5. Minimum 20 GB free disk space is required.
    6. Server not include in Our Support Pack

What do i need to begin own PowerMTA SMTP Mail server?
  • 1. VPS Server/Dedicated Server.
    2. Minimum 1 Domain (Multiple Domain optional if you need).
    3. Minimum 1 IPv4 ( Multiple IP optional if you need).
    4. Minimum of 4GB of RAM is required
    5. Minimum 20 GB free disk space is required.
    6. SMTP port 25 must be open.
    7. Server not include in Our Support Pack

Will you setup Email Bounce Handler Process?
  • Yes ! I will set up Bounce handler on your own SMTP Email Server, It is most important for Email inbox and IP/Domain Reputation.

Will you setup Auto Response Email platform ?
  • Yes ! I will setup Auto Response Email platform.

Can i set up Scheduled Email Sending process ?
  • Yes ! You can setup Scheduled Email Campagain.

Can I get Open rate,click rate,Delivery Report,Abuse/campaign Report and Geo/Country location open Report of Email Marketing ?
  • Yes ! But need to Configuration

My Server Outgoing SMTP port 25 is Closed ! Can I use Zimbra / iRedMail Business Email ?
  • Yes ! Technically is possible if you use 3rd party spam filter but you have also some limitation.

Do you provides Server ?
  • No ! Server not include in Our Support Pack. You need to provide Server with Root Access. You can Buy from anywhere!

Which Operating System is Required for PowerMTA or Postal SMTP Server ?
  • Red Hat 7,Red Hat 8,Red Hat 9 or Centos 7,Centos 8,Centos 9

What types of Server Required for this Email Platform ?
  • Linux Virtual Private Server(VPS) or Dedicated Server(DS)

Do i need to buy cPanel/WHM, Plesk etc?
  • No ! Don't buy expensive cPanel/WHM, Plesk etc. I will install Open Source Control panel on your server. Better Don't use any control panel for server management Hardware Resource most expensive such as RAM, CPU, SSD.

How much cost will be per month/Year ?
  • There is No aditional Application cost monthly/yearly. Domain Yearly renewal fee around $13 USD and Server cost Depends on your server configuration.

Why will I buy premium support from Hostscheap ?
  • Our team of Red Hat Certified experts is standing by to help you. Our support, maintenance, and installation services are a fraction of the cost of more prominent Hosting Companies. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services and free estimates. Our Flexible Company Offers A Wide Range of Excellent Products to Import Users and Businesses. Our goal is not just to create a partnership but an incredibly strong one with our customers and partners. We focus on providing high-quality services in the web hosting industry by providing low-cost, easy-to-use products which can be quickly adopted on behalf of companies of all sizes, no matter where you are based.

    The development system needs to be well-developed, and we are experienced in this business for many years. Our team has achieved the Red Hat certification. We guarantee satisfactory results that meet all the customer’s requirements. High-Quality Linux Web Hosting. UNIX and Linux hosting plans are available from Hostscheap . Our programs include hand-crafted, fully supported control panels, auto-scaling services, 24/7/365 support, system administration & Cyber Security, white-label solutions, reseller options, and more. Your business needs to have a solid presence online. An integral part of this is hosting your website and other digital assets on a reliable web server. There is a lot more than just cost involved here, though. Your website has the potential to attract customers from across the planet. To scale with your growing customer base, you must put your trust in a company with the expertise to take care of everything for you, including server maintenance, backups, configuring your email, DNS management, and much more.