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Mautic Email Marketing Migration Service

$300.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : BEMS-MEM-105 Delivery 05 Days

Mautic was founded a year ago on the shared vision to bring the world of marketing automation to small businesses and nonprofits. These teams need the power of marketing automation as much as large enterprises do, but were limited due to its high cost and complexity. Mautic's software is completely open source, written in JavaScript/AngularJS and built on top of a highly-scalable cloud-based application platform.

 ✅ License, Server, IP and Domain Provide By Client
 ✅ Domain and IP Rotation Setup upto 8
 ✅ PowerMTA or Postal SMTP
 ✅ Setup Multi Domain Control Panel
 ✅ Webmail for Email Reply & Forwarding
 ✅ Bounce Handling / Abuse Complaints (PMTA)
 ✅ Configure Cron Job, Bounce/Delivery/Feedback Loop Servers
 ✅ 1.1 M Spam/Blacklist Database (PMTA)
 ✅ 5000 MX Rollup Which is help Inbox Delivery (PMTA)
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation (Paid SSL | Free SSL )
 ✅ Setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC & rDNS with Existing Configuration
 ✅ Firewall and Fail2ban Configuration (ssh)
 ✅ Unlimited from Email Address
 ✅ Report 10/10 score on (IP & Domain No Blacklist )
 ✅ Real Time Training about (Only Platform Management) Optinal

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Next Generation Marketing Automation Software

Next Generation Marketing Automation Software. Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that helps online businesses automate tedious marketing tasks including lead generation, contact segmentation, email marketing, releasing campaign tracking and more. By helping businesses eliminate grunt work and focus on the things that really matter (like selling), it empowers marketers to be able to accomplish more with less time — resulting in them being able to spend more time on the things you love to do! Need to build an open-source marketing automation platform? Would you rather partner with a company that is a proven leader in SaaS solutions for the biggest names in social media? Do you want to save money and time by partnering with a software company that already has a proven track record? These are all questions that many businesses ask themselves before they decide to go into business together. But, it depends on your business goals, the type of platform you would like to build, and the objectives that guide your actions.

Mautic's Marketing Automation Solution For Small Businesses

Mautic, a popular open-source marketing automation software, has officially launched their new website. The design and development of , an app providing fully integrated online graphic design and development environment. Marketing has always been the greatest challenge for business owners, and online businesses are no different. As the most crucial component to any business, marketing is constantly evolving and changing with the rapidly growing online environment. Next Generation Marketing Automation Software. Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that helps businesses automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, lead scoring, etc. Mautic's marketing automation solution is readily available to small businesses. But many small businesses haven't realized that this solution is as useful as expensive products. Mautic's marketing automation platform utilizes the power of marketing automation to make the process of customer engagement easier.

The New Mautic Platform Features The Latest Technology

Mautic is yet to be the rising star in the marketing automation industry. It's an open-source email marketing software that has been built with the latest technology that can help businesses to automate most of their repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks. With its new version, Mautic has combined the power of the latest technologies to create the ultimate marketing automation platform. A new age has dawned with the release of the newest phase of Mautic - Mautic 3. With new features and technologies such as Composer, Native Look and Feel, Bootstrap 4, No More Bloatware and a Circle CI based Continuous Integration to name just a few, Mautic is now even more powerful and easier to use than ever before. The latest version comes along with an update in its pricing structure which proves that they are committed to providing their users with the latest technology platform at a reasonable price. Mautic 3 boasts a completely new look that makes it easier for you to manage marketing campaigns from tracking leads to automating email templates.

Pamper Your Customers With This New Mautic Feature

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that helps online businesses automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, lead scoring, etc. It provides a complete user experience for contact management and marketing campaign tracking. Using Mautic, small businesses can improve efficiency and dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper files and spreadsheets. There are many online marketing automation tools out there but few manage to stand out for their features, price, and support. Mautic is one of the best marketing automation software in the industry today, and I am going to tell you why. As a small business owner, how would it feel to have unlimited amounts of time where you could focus more on your customers without having to do the pesky tasks or repetitive marketing. It's one step closer with Mautic's marketing automation solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hostscheap Premium support Solution

What do i need to begin own Interspire or Acelle Email Marketing Server Installation?
  • 1. VPS Server/Dedicated Server.
    2. Minimum 1 Domain (Multiple Domain optional if you need).
    3. Minimum 1 IPv4.
    4. Minimum of 2GB of RAM is required
    5. Minimum 20 GB free disk space is required.
    6. Server not include in Our Support Pack

What do i need to begin own PowerMTA SMTP Mail server?
  • 1. VPS Server/Dedicated Server.
    2. Minimum 1 Domain (Multiple Domain optional if you need).
    3. Minimum 1 IPv4 ( Multiple IP optional if you need).
    4. Minimum of 4GB of RAM is required
    5. Minimum 20 GB free disk space is required.
    6. SMTP port 25 must be open.
    7. Server not include in Our Support Pack

Will you setup Email Bounce Handler Process?
  • Yes ! I will set up Bounce handler on your own SMTP Email Server, It is most important for Email inbox and IP/Domain Reputation.

Will you setup Auto Response Email platform ?
  • Yes ! I will setup Auto Response Email platform.

Can i set up Scheduled Email Sending process ?
  • Yes ! You can setup Scheduled Email Campagain.

Can I get Open rate,click rate,Delivery Report,Abuse/campaign Report and Geo/Country location open Report of Email Marketing ?
  • Yes ! But need to Configuration

My Server Outgoing SMTP port 25 is Closed ! Can I use Zimbra / iRedMail Business Email ?
  • Yes ! Technically is possible if you use 3rd party spam filter but you have also some limitation.

Do you provides Server ?
  • No ! Server not include in Our Support Pack. You need to provide Server with Root Access. You can Buy from anywhere!

Which Operating System is Required for PowerMTA or Postal SMTP Server ?
  • Red Hat 7,Red Hat 8,Red Hat 9 or Centos 7,Centos 8,Centos 9

What types of Server Required for this Email Platform ?
  • Linux Virtual Private Server(VPS) or Dedicated Server(DS)

Do i need to buy cPanel/WHM, Plesk etc?
  • No ! Don't buy expensive cPanel/WHM, Plesk etc. I will install Open Source Control panel on your server. Better Don't use any control panel for server management Hardware Resource most expensive such as RAM, CPU, SSD.

How much cost will be per month/Year ?
  • There is No aditional Application cost monthly/yearly. Domain Yearly renewal fee around $13 USD and Server cost Depends on your server configuration.

Why will I buy premium support from Hostscheap ?
  • Our team of Red Hat Certified experts is standing by to help you. Our support, maintenance, and installation services are a fraction of the cost of more prominent Hosting Companies. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services and free estimates. Our Flexible Company Offers A Wide Range of Excellent Products to Import Users and Businesses. Our goal is not just to create a partnership but an incredibly strong one with our customers and partners. We focus on providing high-quality services in the web hosting industry by providing low-cost, easy-to-use products which can be quickly adopted on behalf of companies of all sizes, no matter where you are based.

    The development system needs to be well-developed, and we are experienced in this business for many years. Our team has achieved the Red Hat certification. We guarantee satisfactory results that meet all the customer’s requirements. High-Quality Linux Web Hosting. UNIX and Linux hosting plans are available from Hostscheap . Our programs include hand-crafted, fully supported control panels, auto-scaling services, 24/7/365 support, system administration & Cyber Security, white-label solutions, reseller options, and more. Your business needs to have a solid presence online. An integral part of this is hosting your website and other digital assets on a reliable web server. There is a lot more than just cost involved here, though. Your website has the potential to attract customers from across the planet. To scale with your growing customer base, you must put your trust in a company with the expertise to take care of everything for you, including server maintenance, backups, configuring your email, DNS management, and much more.