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Mautic Installation

Mautic Email Marketing

$300.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : BEMS-MEM-105 Delivery 05 Days

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that helps online businesses automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, lead scoring, etc. With Mautic you can organize all your customer data in one place and create personalized content for each customer based on his/her interaction history. The next generation of marketing automation software.

 ✅ License, Server, IP and Domain Provide By Client
 ✅ Domain and IP Rotation Setup upto 8
 ✅ PowerMTA or Postal SMTP
 ✅ Setup Multi Domain Control Panel
 ✅ Webmail for Email Reply & Forwarding
 ✅ Bounce Handling / Abuse Complaints (PMTA)
 ✅ Configure Cron Job, Bounce/Delivery/Feedback Loop Servers
 ✅ 1.1 M Spam/Blacklist Database (PMTA)
 ✅ 5000 MX Rollup Which is help Inbox Delivery (PMTA)
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation (Paid SSL | Free SSL )
 ✅ Setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC & rDNS with Existing Configuration
 ✅ Firewall and Fail2ban Configuration (ssh)
 ✅ Unlimited from Email Address
 ✅ Report 10/10 score on (IP & Domain No Blacklist )
 ✅ Real Time Training about (Only Platform Management) Optinal

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Hosted Mautic

Mautic is one of the best marketing tools for small and medium sized companies.

Mautic is one of the best marketing tools for small and medium sized companies. It can help you to reach your customers across multiple channels including email, web and social media. Always on the lookout for new marketing tools, I recently came across Mautic. Before I started working with it, quick research led me to the opinion that it was an affordable yet advanced marketing automation tool perfect for small and medium size companies. Mautic is one of the best marketing tools for small and medium sized companies.What makes Mautic an all-in-one marketing software is its simplicity and the many ways it can engage your audience. From email marketing, to social media analytics, to landing pages, Mautic provides full package of tools which save your time and energy. Plus Mautic is completely free to use.

Get High Response Email Deliverability with High Volume Mautic SMTP Installation

Are you looking to install Mautic on your dedicated server? HostsCheap is here to help! We've done a lot of research and have found that the best way to install Mautic on a cloud dedicated server is by using cPanel WHM. For an easier installation process, you can opt in for our managed dedicated server. You might be here because you are planning to run a large bulk email marketing campaign using Mautic. So if yes, then I would love to help you with setting up a proper bulk smtp server for you to send your mautic campaign in a fast and efficient way. Lot of new users are getting stuck up in set up due to configuration of the mass smtp server and most of the times they end up doing it by themselves. So I am offering my services where I would take care of the smtp server setup for the desired quantity of emails per hour that you want….

Why Personalized E-mail Marketing Services Will Boost Your Sales.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects for internet business, especially for new start ups. Without marketing strategy, an enterprise cannot have a profitable online presence. In order to promote your products or services and make customers aware of them, you need an effective tool to do so. Product E-mail Marketing Services can help you out in this matter. Even more, you can take the help of Personalized E-mail Marketing Services to achieve your required goal. The enormous potential of personalized e-mail marketing services is not yet fully appreciated. This article will make you understand the significance of customized emails for your business and how they can help you increase sales and improve your business prospects. With the rising popularity of online shopping, many brands are now turning to e-mail marketing as their preferred promotional and customer engagement strategy. When it comes to a business of any size, email marketing can be the most essential communication tool for small and large-scale companies alike.  Personalized e-mail marketing can give you (the business owner) an edge over your competition and send you to the top. With the growing number of email services, all promising enhanced features and benefits that are needed for a successful promotion strategy, deciding on which e-mailing service provider to use has become harder than ever.

Free Mautic Self Hosted E-mail Marketing Installation

HostCheap has a top class self hosted e-mail marketing service for small businesses and entrepreneurs. A great solution for email marketing attachment to your automated rules is to install Amazon SES on Amazon EC2 servers. HostCheap has great experience in setting up offsite e-mail marketing services that support Mautic such as Amazon AWS servers. Unlike free email marketing platforms, Mautic offers an array of features including: As an exclusive service to all our Bloggers, HostsCheap is now offering Mautic for self-hosted emails marketing service! To achieve optimal results from your marketing campaigns, you need advanced email marketing software. With Mautic, you will get these vital benefits: Improve Marketing Outcomes - Automated segmentation allows for better campaign management and in-depth analysis of your ROI. Not only that, but you can also monitor the effectiveness and conversions of every aspect of your mailing — from subject lines and time frames to open rates — in a single interface. Save Time - Use pre-built email templates and drag & drop feature for advanced dynamic content within your automated messages. This way, you can avoid writing long e-mail texts from scratch. You'll also benefit from the ability to schedule sending of campaigns in advance or even have them sent out as soon as shoppers visit your store using the new Smart Autoresponders feature. Ensure Reliability - Based on open-source Drupal software, Mautic has been used by big names such as Nestle and Dell. Its backend comes with features like Web-based administration and cron job automation — which maximize reliability regardless of how busy your server might be. You can find various kinds of wordpress hosting in the marketplace but not all the hosts are worth their salt. Some of them don't have sufficient disk space or bandwidth for your demands and also don't offer necessary features, as a consequence may come up short on the next go round. To produce your web site a certain level of credibility, you will need to purchase a hosting service which gives limitless bandwidth and unlimited disk space and so on. Signing with HostCheap helps you out to scale back overheads and develop a profitable online business.