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Postal SMTP Setup

Postal SMTP Installation Services

$300.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : BEMS-POSTLI-106 Delivery 05 Days

Postal is a mail server for your website that allows you to take full control over your email communications. No matter what size your business is you can benefit from using the best email marketing software available. It's complete and fully featured mail server for use by websites and web servers. It provides easy, secure integration into your application and needs little to no maintenance. As an open source project it distributes all features for free with no extra charges or time limitations.

 ✅ License, Server, IP and Domain Provide By Client
 ✅ Domain 5 and Rotation Setup for up to 24 IPs
 ✅ PowerMTA or Postal SMTP
 ✅ Setup Multi Domain Control Panel
 ✅ Email Reply and Forwarding via Webmail
 ✅ Complaints about Bounce Handling / Abuse (PMTA)
 ✅ Set Up the Bounce, Delivery, and Feedback Loop Servers for Cron Jobs.
 ✅ 1.1 M Spam/Blacklist Database (PMTA)
 ✅ MX Rollup 5000 which is helpful Delivery to Inbox (PMTA)
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation (Paid SSL | Free SSL )
 ✅ Configure rDNS, DKIM, DMARC, and SPF Using the Current Configuration
 ✅ Firewall and Fail2ban Configuration (ssh)
 ✅ Unlimited from Email Address
 ✅ Communicate a score of 10/10 on (IP and domain not blacklisted).
 ✅ Real-time training specifically focused on platform management is available as an optional choice.

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Postal is a full mail server for use by websites and web servers. Think Sendgrid, Mail

If you're building a website, you probably need an email service provider to interconnect the website with the rest of the world. What you may not have realized is that there are quite a few different choices out there. Sendgrid, Mailgun and Postmark are the most common providers used by startups, small businesses and side projects. Postal does everything SendGrid, Mailgun and Postmark do and more! Its feature set includes. Consider Mailgun, Sendgrid, or Postmark, but open source and ready to operate on your own servers. Krystal created Postal to meet its own mail processing needs, However, we have now determined that it should be accessible to the whole public as an open source initiative.

Sendmail Alternative for Web Servers: Postal

When running a website, getting emails in customers' inboxes is important for engagement and conversions. But setting up email infrastructure can be hard — it requires time and money. This is where mail servers like Sendgrid, Mailgun and Postmark come in, but these services are paid and require a monthly fee. But wouldn't it be great if you could have your own fully featured mail server that you control, for free? That's what we believe at Krystal, and that's why we created Postal. Our mail servers process more than 100,000 emails each month without any service fees. But don't just believe what we say. why don't you try the latest version of Postal today? You'll be writing about Postal. You'll have been given the link to this color swatch and told that it is the color Postal uses for their branding. This includes headers, footers, items on the sidebar and various other aspects of their website. The color will also be used throughout the project files.

Protect your privacy online - Mail Server TLS Certificate

For usage by websites and web servers, Postal is a robust and feature-rich mail server. Consider Mailgun, Sendgrid, or Postmark, but open source and ready to operate on your own servers. Krystal created Postal to meet its own mail processing needs, but we've now decided that it should be made available to the public as an open source project. Due to postal's exceptional functionality, design, and stability all of which other alternative services sorely lack we have decided to make it freely accessible to open source applications.

Improve Email Deliverability with Postal, the Open Source Mail Server

When building a website, we often forget that there is more to it than meets the eye. Even for most software developers, there are many hidden features that come as part of a web server (or in this case, a mail server). We have used an open source mail server called Postfix for many years and found it very simple and powerful. We were also aware of its limitations with regard to the professional needs of a growing service provider. This is why we have created our own custom solution: Postal. Postal could be described as "Postfix on steroids." It includes support for virtually all mechanisms you would expect from such a server: Maildir support, IMAP/SMTP clients, spam detection via Greylisting and much more. To get to the point: If you need a mailing solution for your business or planning to start one soon, then you should not look past Postal. Krystal created Postal to meet its own needs in terms of mail processing, and we've subsequently chosen to Make it publicly accessible as an open source undertaking. More than that though, there is very little open source competition in this space and we think that Postal can really make a great offering to developers who are interested in creating custom email-handling solutions.