VMware vSphere ESXi Virtualization Support

Get expert support for RHEVM, VMware vSphere, and ESXi virtualization. Our team will ensure smooth operations for your virtualized environment.

RHEVM Installation Service

$300.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : LIS-RHEVM-702 Delivery 04 Days

The RHEV-M suite is an integrated administrative console for managing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. It is shipped as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor and includes installation, deployment, monitoring, reporting and patching tools. Rhevm is a tool for managing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environments. Rhevm is a management server (providing functionality to manage multiple virtual environments) and some useful extensions for virt-install/virsh. As the host is usually responsible for the network, firewalls should be in place to restrict access to services on the virtualization platform, and at least one host should be secured as a bastion host.

 ✅ RHEVM Installation on Red Hat Server
 ✅ Deploy One VM
 ✅ Deploy Netwrok
 ✅ Deploy Datastore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hostscheap Premium support Solution

What do i need to begin own Zimbra / iRedMail Business SMTP Mail server ?
  • 1. VPS Server/Dedicated Server.
    2. One domain is required; more domains are optional.
    3. Minimum 1 IPv4.
    4. Minimum of 8GB of RAM is required (Zimbra) and Minimum of 4GB of RAM is required (Zimbra)
    5. Minimum 20 GB free disk space is required.
    6. SMTP port 25 must be open.
    7. Server not include in Our Support Pack

My Server Outgoing SMTP port 25 is Closed ! Can I use Zimbra / iRedMail Business Email ?
  • Yes ! Technically is possible if you use 3rd party spam filter.

Do you provides Server ?
  • No ! Server not include in Our Support Pack. You need to provide Server with Root Access. You can Buy from anywhere!

Which Operating System is Required for Zimbra / iRedMail Server ?
  • Red Hat 7,Red Hat 8,Red Hat 9 or Centos 7,Centos 8,Centos 9

What types of Server Required for this Email Platform ?
  • Linux Virtual Private Server(VPS) or Dedicated Server(DS)

Do i need to buy cPanel/WHM, Plesk etc?
  • No ! Don't buy expensive cPanel/WHM, Plesk etc. The Open Source Control panel will be installed on your server by me. Better. When managing servers, avoid using any control panels. More costly hardware resources include SSDs, CPUs, and RAM..

How much cost will be per month/Year ?
  • There is No aditional Application cost monthly/yearly. Domain Yearly renewal fee around $13 USD and Server cost Depends on your server configuration.

Why will I buy premium support from Hostscheap ?
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