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Get professional IT support for your WordPress installation. We offer secure SSL certificates and theme installation services for your website.

WordPress Installation Services

$150.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : CMSS-WPI-304 Delivery 03 Days

WordPress is the best platform for building websites. We will install WordPress on your web server so you can build a fully functional website. This order includes WordPress installation and demo Theme installation. HostsCheap is a WordPress installation and support. We will install WordPress on your web server. This order includes WordPress installation, demo theme installation, setup database, review and tweak any plugin. We make it look easy, we're not magicians but we are experts at installing WordPress. You won't need to know HTML or CSS and you won't need to know any programming language to use your blog because our team provides full design and development services inside the hosting account in addition to everything mentioned above.

 ✅ Installation Any Open Source or cPanel in VPS/DS Server (without Control Panel )
 ✅ WordPress Installation
 ✅ 1 Domain Setup
 ✅ Apache or Nginx Web Server Configuration
 ✅ PHP 7.xx/PHP 8.xx
 ✅ MariaDB/Mysql Database Server
 ✅ Redis cache
 ✅ PHPMyAdmin
 ✅ Web mail access (RoundCube, Horde, Squirrelmail)
 ✅ FTP Server
 ✅ PHP security with IonCube Loader.
 ✅ Firewall / Server Security Configuration
 ✅ Fail2ban Configuration (ssh)
 ✅ SSL certificate Free/ Paid Installation
 ✅ SPF Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ DNS Configuration
 ✅ DKIM Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ DMARC Setup similar with Existing Configuration.
 ✅ rDNS Setup.
 ✅ Spam Filter setup if Requirements!.

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WordPress Installation Support Services HostsCheap.com

Looking for a premium support provider? I think you've come to the right place. Our team of WordPress experts is one of the finest in the world. We are here to help you! A premium support provider that goes above and beyond. Easy to kid about, not so much in real life. There are many reasons that HostsCheap is a premier provider of WordPress installation services. Below are some of the most popular. We at HostsCheap understand that your website is your online asset, so our support team carefully set up your website on a web server. They make sure that it runs fast without any hiccups and you get an incredible online experience.

Premium Quality WordPress Installation & Support Service

We are premium quality WordPress installation support service provider , HostsCheap helps you to install wordpress on your web server. All services are included in the price. We, at HostsCheap, let you hire support for your WordPress installation hassle. We will install your WordPress installation and demo WordPress Theme setup on your web server. HostCheap.com provides elegant premium quality WordPress installation services for clients seeking to setup their own WordPress website . If you are searching for a web design agency , HostCheap definitely qualifies as one of the leading hosts in the industry. We do not include much promotional text like some other questionnaire blog post writers on the site, but, we do provide a truly premium service that gets results. We actually care about what we do and believe that we own it. We will help you to create and manage your entire website getting it operating successfully from beginning to completion. At HostCheap, we strive to provide exceptional quality and value to our customers so they can achieve their goals with ease!

The quickest, smartest and cheapest solution for WordPress installation

Are you tired of paying premium prices for domain names and hosting? You don't have to! By signing up with HostsCheap, you'll get access to discounted domains and hosting packages, as well as free bonuses. Let HostsCheap host your next WordPress install. Our team of experts will have you up and running in no time using only premium grade servers and at a budget friendly price. You're want to find a premium quality WordPress hosting firm to help you along with your internet site. A major part of any site is put together by the WordPress installation running on your web server. You can benefit from our premium quality installations of WordPress by choosing HostsCheap, a premium quality WordPress hosting service provider who can offer you many different benefits such as:

WordPress Installation in Hosting , Dedicated Servers & Virtual Private Servers

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a pluggable architecture with a strong focus on user experience, web standards, usability and a modular design. Put simply, WordPress is what makes your blog or website work. At HostsCheap, we understand how important WordPress is to you. That's why we make it a point to provide you high quality WordPress installation support. We offer comprehensive installation assistance that includes domain name selection, malware removal protection, securing your account with two-factor authentication and much more. WordPress installation today is a very simple process. Just follow instructions of WordPress and you are done in less then 10 minutes. But we are not talking about a normal installation. Our WordPress installation will be best in the world. HostsCheap team of expert WordPress developers, designers, SEO analysts and your own one-to-one project manager will do the job for you in a premium quality way and it takes 24-72 hours to complete the job depending upon your web server up time.