Acelle Mail and Bulk SMTP Installation Support Service

Get reliable SMTP and VPS server support for your web hosting needs. We provide installation and maintenance for Acelle Mail and Bulk SMTP services.

Acelle Mail

Acelle Mail self hosted Installation Service

$300.00 USD One Time Setup Fee
GigID : BEMS-AMI-101 Delivery 05 Days

SMTP mass Email marketing is now essential for businesses in order to communicate and engage with their target audience. With so many alternatives available, it might be difficult to choose the best email marketing solution. The greatest self-hosted email marketing solution, however, is Acelle Mail, which offers a robust feature set to help businesses manage their email campaigns effectively.

 ✅ Installing Acelle Mail on your server
 ✅ Client Provides Licence, Server, IP, and Domain
 ✅ Setup domain and IP rotation for up to 24 IPs
 ✅ PowerMTA or Postal SMTP
 ✅ Setup Multi Domain Control Panel
 ✅ Email Reply and Forwarding through Webmail
 ✅ Bounce Handling / Abuse Complaints (PMTA)
 ✅ Configure Cron Job, Bounce/Delivery/Feedback Loop Servers
 ✅ 1.1 M Spam/Blacklist Database (PMTA)
 ✅ 5000 MX Rollup Which is help Inbox Delivery (PMTA)
 ✅ SSL certificate Installation (Paid SSL | Free SSL )
 ✅ Configure rDNS, DKIM, DMARC, and SPF using the current configuration.
 ✅ Configuring a Firewall and Fail2ban (ssh)
 ✅ Unlimited from Email Address
 ✅ Report 10/10 score on (IP & Domain No Blacklist )
 ✅ 1 Hrs Real Time Training about Platform Management

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Boost Your Email Marketing with Bulk SMTP Server Acelle Mail Self-Hosted Installation

Reaching out to potential customers and promoting goods and services via postal marketing has long been a well-liked and successful strategy for companies. However, the inefficiencies and problems associated with traditional email marketing platforms often make them less successful. Acelle Mail is already revolutionising the way businesses manage email marketing. Email marketing software is called Acelle Mail.

Acelle Mail - The perfect solution for your bulk email needs
Acelle Mail is a powerful and intuitive self-hosted email marketing solution that allows you to send bulk emails with ease. Our installation service ensures that you can quickly get up and running with Acelle Mail, allowing you to reach your target audience effectively.

Self-hosted SMTP server - Take control of your email deliverability
With our self-hosted SMTP server, you can have complete control over your email deliverability. Say goodbye to limitations and restrictions imposed by third-party email providers. Our installation service ensures a seamless setup, giving you the ability to send unlimited emails with high deliverability rates.

Fast and reliable service - Ensure optimal performance for your business
At HostsCheap, we understand the importance of speed and reliability when it comes to your web hosting needs. Our installation service for Acelle Mail self-hosted Bulk SMTP Server is designed to provide fast and secure solutions that meet the demands of your business. Rest assured knowing that your emails will be delivered efficiently and effectively to your recipients.

Expert IT consulting - Get the guidance you need for success
As an IT solutions provider, we offer expert consulting services to help businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology. Whether you need advice on web development, VPS servers, or digital marketing strategies, our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way.

Domain registration made easy - Secure your online presence
Having a domain name that reflects your brand is crucial in today's digital world. With our domain registration service, we make it easy for you to secure the perfect domain name for your website. Don't let someone else snatch up the domain name you want - take control of your online presence with HostsCheap.

Dedicated server solutions - Tailored hosting for maximum performance
For businesses that require enhanced security and performance, our dedicated server solutions are the ideal choice. Our installation service ensures that your dedicated server is set up correctly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a fully customizable hosting environment.

SSL certificates - Protect your customers' data
In today's age of cybersecurity threats, having an SSL certificate is essential for any website. With our SSL certificate installation service, we help ensure that your website is secure and your customers' data is protected. Gain the trust of your visitors and improve your search engine rankings with HostsCheap's SSL solutions.

With HostsCheap's Acelle Mail self-hosted Bulk SMTP Server Installation Service, you can take your email marketing efforts to the next level. From increased deliverability to expert IT consulting, we provide the tools and support you need for success in today's digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Hostscheap Premium support Solution - the ultimate solution for all your hosting needs.

What do i need to begin own Acelle Email Marketing Server Installation?
  • 1. VPS Server/Dedicated Server.
    2. One domain/sub domain is required; extras are optional..
    3. Minimum 1 IPv4.
    4. 2GB of RAM at the very least is needed.
    5. A minimum of 20 gigabytes of available disc space is necessary.
    6. The server is not included in our support package.